Band Line-Up For 1st May 2016

Daniel Trigger

Saturday, September 05, 2015

I am very grateful and fortunate to announce the line-up for my semi-acoustic set at the Dementia UK charity show on 1st May 2015.

On drums, I am joined by Adam Yeardley of Sister Shotgun, and who also performed with the Trigger band 2012-2013. We have a twin-pronged guitar attack with Mark Broome and Ben Read, who both performed with Undue. Ben has since gone on to perform as a solo artist, where Mark has since played with Rip Tyde, and more recently, Rock Revival. On keys we have a familiar face from the Trigger band in Matt Wharton, who performed with Trigger 2007-2011, and now plays with covers outfit Hijack. On bass, we have 'Thundering' Jez Trigger, which is a reunion long overdue, since Jez played with Trigger 2005-2006, and currently performs with the Mouse Police. Finally, on duet and backing vocals is the ever-reliable Sally Trigger, who is the co-founder of the Trigger band which ran 2003-2011.

We are putting together a very special semi-acoustic set that will incorporate popular rock covers, tracks from the two Daniel Trigger albums 'Infinite Persistence' and 'Army Of One', plus a tip-of-the-hat to Trigger band material.

If you want to know what kind of thing to expect, take a look here:

If you would like tickets for next year's charity show at the Roadhouse Birmingham, please drop me a line at and I shall arrange for you.

See you there!